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look kiddos: due to tumblr’s half-baked tagging system (where only so many tags count towards actually categorizing a given post), tags on this site have evolved into an acceptable form of dispensing and sharing commentary, but that is not the case on other websites — ESPECIALLY AO3. tags on AO3 are intended to be functional, not conversational, and not only do excessive paragraphs of tags like these look patently ridiculous and sell your work short, they also make life harder for the site’s tag wranglers who volunteer their time to keep the tags organized so people can actually find your fic.

in short, knock it off.

It’s meaningless without you..

Makoto and Haruka’s beautiful relationship throughout the seasons

Teen Wolf AU: Derek and Stiles meet when their parents start dating and instantly despise each other Whenenver they’re not forced to spend time together, they usually try to avoid each other as much as possible (because really, everything else ends in catastrophe, and they don’t atcually want to sabotage their parents’ relationship). However, that MO is taken from them when their parents announce that they are engaged and the families will move in together. Now, Stiles has to won up to the fact that, in reality, he doesn’t find his future step brother as much annoying as annoyingly hot - which just opens a whole other can of worms, because even if Derek reciprocated the feelings, he could hardly date his step brother, even if they’re technically not related. That’s just weird. Or is it? 

I’d like to apologize for my partner. His parents didn’t give him enough attention.


I was evolving. Something you’ll never do.

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Name 10 favourite footballers

I was tagged by Iwona, thank you, my dear :D

  1. Aleksandar Kolarov. This one was easy :D  I’ve loved him since he started playing for Lazio, in 2010. He has skills (his left foot ♥), he’s funny and never made me believe he would have stayed. Yes, I have a thing for players that don’t lie to me ;)
  2. Alessandro Nesta. O Captain, my captain! When he had to go to Milan because Lazio was going through serious financial problems, I said to myself: “I hope all the best for you and you’ll always be the captain in my heart.” Well, he had a wonderful career at Milan and he’s still my beloved captain ♥
  3. Senad Lulić. Senad is the least skillful in this bunch, it’s the truth. But I “adopted” him when everyone else was saying he was terrible after only one match. And now he is at his fourth season for us and made history for Lazio ;)
  4. Dejan Stanković: another player from Lazio’s golden era. Another player I wished all the best for that won a lot <3
  5. Siniša Mihajlović: Same for Dejan, another player from Lazio’s golden era. ♥ (And he is the reason Aleks wears the number 11! <333) 
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo: where can I begin with him? He’s so so so hardworking, and despite of everyone throwing shit at him, he does the right thing and never speaks being unrespectful.
  7. Steven Gerrard: I have no hard feelings when players decide to go to other clubs, it’s work for them and it’s their lives. BUT I have lots of feelings when a player decide to stay in one club in all his career (or the major part of it). Plus, he’s a calm captain and I like that. 
  8. Miroslav Klose: a true gentleman on the pitch.
  9. Pablo Zabaleta: a warrior, he never backs down when there is a challenge. He loves his club and he loves and respects his supporters.
  10. Xabi Alonso: probably, after the left/right-back, the defensive midfielder is my favourite role and he does a great job at that. And nobody wears a suit like he does ;D



"i’m sad and idk how to feel better"


"i don’t know what to draw"


"i always mess up"




Whenever you feel sad about your art, listen to Bob Ross.


Aleksandar Kolarov’s deadly left foot. And this is just some of them…
I saw Alek interviewed about his free-kicks have injured/knocked other footballers, teammate and referee. So I searched it on youtube if this is for real or he’s just kidding because his expression while he’s interviewing was so calm when he’s talking about this.